Forex reserves fall $4.5 billion in two weeks

India’s foreign exchange reserves fell $ 1.783 billion for the week ending December 3, the second straight decline as foreign investors remained in the portfolio as net traders on the stock market.

Weekly data from Bank of India shows total reserves total $ 636.9055 billion. In the past two weeks, reserves have plummeted by $ 4.5 billion.

The devaluation of the national currency against the most important world currencies also had an impact on the reserves.

In foreign currencies, assets, changes in the assessment of stores held by other global currencies such as Euro and Sterling and Japan, which dropped $ 1,483 billion to $ 573.18 billion. Rupees were against the US dollar against the US dollar on Friday and closed $ 75.77 against $ 75.52 on Thursday. This is the third way of falling weekly to rupees in betting that can buy higher American inflation for faster purchases and increase interest rates. 

The Rupee fell 0.8 percent this week, adding 1.3 percent over the past two weeks. According to NSDL information, foreign securities have a stock value of 17484 Crore in December.  Britain Vijayakumar, the main strategy of investing in financial services Jiujit, said that this is higher than the net rupees 33799 Crore for sale in November, and this is not ready

Govt earned over Rs 8 lakh cr from taxes on petrol, diesel in last 3 fiscals: FM Sitharaman

Over the past three years, the center received about $ 8.02 tax on gasoline and diesel, which collected more than 3.71 Karishi was collected in FY 2001, the finance minister reported Tuesday. The Minister responded to questions to walk in the task of Makus in gasoline and diesel over the past three years and turnover details derived from different taxes on this fuel. Makus’s task rose in gasoline from Rs 19.48 on October 5, 2018 to 27.95 liters on November 4, 2021. Rupee 15.33 diesel responsibility increased by 21.80 rupees.

 Posted in Regia Sabah. During this period, intensive gasoline dropped from 19.48 rupees per liter from October 5, 2018 to 17.98 pounds from July 6, 2019; While relief to diesel dropped from 15.33 rupees to Rs 13.83.  Makus’s tasks in gasoline and diesel in a ascending pad until February 2, 2021 to 32.98 rupees and rupees arrested before bullet and then to 27.90 liters (gasoline) and 21.80 rupees (diesel) on November 4, 2021. 

Indirect taxes, including taxes on petrol and diesel over the past three years, are: € 2.10.282 billion in 2018-2019. Sitharaman said Rs 2.19.750 in 2019-20 and Rs 3.71.908 in 2020-21. Before Diwali on November 4th, the government cut taxes on gasoline and diesel by 5 rupees and 5 rupees per liter, respectively. As a result, several states announced a VAT reduction for both types of fuel.

India has 4th largest foreign exchange reserves in world

India’s Finance Minister Pankaj Chaudhry told Lok Sabha on Monday that India currently has the fourth largest foreign exchange reserves in the world. “On November 19, 2021, foreign exchange reserves were $ 640.4 billion,” he said.

To another question he replied: Records of P-Notes / Outside Derivatives (ODIs) holders and ODI holder stakeholders, as defined in Section 9 of the Anti-Money Laundering Rules, 2005, SEBI. Reported monthly by foreign investors issuing Portfolio Investments (FPIs).

In addition, ODIs issuing FPIs should always keep KYC documents for ODI subscribers and make them available to SEBI upon request.

To another question, Chaudhry replied that the total amount of indirect taxes, including taxes on petroleum products, was around rupees for the last seven tax years (2014-15 to 2020-21). 16.7 million rupees.

The total indirect tax on unbranded gasoline was 9.2 rupees per liter for the period 2013-2014, while the total indirect tax on unbranded gasoline was 3.46 rupees per liter. Currently, the total central unauthorized tax on un-labelled gasoline is 27.9 rupees per liter, while the total indirect tax on un-labelled diesel is 21.80 rupees per liter.

November gross GST collection at Rs 1,31,526 crore, 2nd highest ever

The total GST revenue accrued in November was 1,31,526 rupees. This was an increase from Rs 1.30 crore collected in October.

Of these, CGST includes 23,978 rupees, 31,127 rupees, IGST 66,815 rupees (including 32,165 rupees on imports) and 9,606 rupees on taxes (including 635 rupees on import goods).

November marked the second consecutive month that total GST collections exceeded Rs 1.30 billion.

November revenues are the second highest since taxes were levied on goods and services. The highest income since the tax in April this year (more than 1.41 lakh crore).

“GST sales for November 2021 was the second record since GST was launched after April 2021, based on year-end sales, beating previous months’ indentation, which also includes the impact of required revenue.

The government said the complexes broadly followed the general trend of economic recovery.

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