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CA Point with Our Exclusive Discounts - Coupon Codes For CA Lectures and Books

by CA Point 30 May 2024

CA Point, your only destination for books and lectures created for CA students & aspirants. We want to be there for your each phase of the way as we know how much work and dedication studying for CA examinations wants. We are happy to provide exclusive discounts on our wide lectures collection in addition to lectures by two most well known faculty, CA Sarthak Jain and CA Yashvant Mangal.

1. CA Sarthak Jain Lectures
Subject: Financial Reporting (FR) and Audit
Discount: 4% off
Coupon Code: SJ04

CA Sarthak Jain is known for his short and simple teaching methods, which clarify difficult subjects. To get a 4% discount on all of his lectures, use the promo code SJ04.

2. CA Yashvant Mangal Lectures
Subject: Indirect Tax (IDT)
Discount: 5% off
Coupon Code: YM05

CA Yashvant Mangal has amazing knowledge of indirect taxation. His lectures aim to help you in understanding each aspect of IDT. Get 5% off his lectures with the coupon code YM05.

Discount on Books
All Books
Discount: 10% off
Coupon Code: SM10

We provide a wide selection of books covering every topic related to CA. Get 10% off any book you purchase from our website when you use the promo code SM10.

How to Use the Coupons

1. Visit our website: CA Point.
2. Browse through our collection of books and lectures.
3. Add your chosen items to the cart.
4. During checkout, enter the respective coupon codes:
5. SJ04 for Sarthak Jain lectures
6. YM05 for Yashvant Mangal lectures
7. SM10 for books
8. Enjoy your discounts and happy studying!

Here are some Product Links :

CA Sarthak Jain Collection :-
CA Yashvant Mangal Collection :-
CA Books :-

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