CA Final FR + Audit Books (Full Set Combo) – Latest Set of all Books BY SARTHAK JAIN


FR FULL SET Includes

1. Brahmastra Book – MultiColoured Book. All Concepts and Selected Concept Building Practical Questions with solutions for: Introduction and RoadMap, IndAS Based FS, Schedule III – Division 2, Ind AS 1, Financial Instruments, Consolidation, Business Combination, Share Based Payments

2. Ind AS Drone Charts – Handcrafted book which makes “Ind AS & Other Topics” easy to understand & revise one day before exams Pictorial presentation of all concepts. These are not summary charts but Drone Charts – Comprehensive & Concise, covers “Ind AS & Other Topics” with SJ’s conceptual clarity and coverage

3. QA Striker Book -Handcrafted Concept Building Questions for building every concept, Study Material questions with updated solutions, IFRS Questions adapted as per IndAS, Past exams AS Based Questions re-drafted as per IndAS with Solutions,Clarification Bulletin, Education Material, MTP and RTP questions included Updated as per ICAI’s revised SM



1. SJ’s Study Material – Covers study material Company Audit, Code of Ethics and SA’s

2. SJ’s Audit Question Bank – Covers Past 23 Exam Questions, MTP & RTP till May 2020, SM 2020 Questions for Code of Ethics | Company Audit | Standards on Auditing

3. SJ’s Full Course Drone Charts (Except Special Audit) – Covers Code of Ethics, Company Audit including CARO, Corporate Governance & Audit Committee, Audit of Consolidated Financial Statements and SA 200 to 720

4. SJ’s Special Audit Drone Charts -Covers all other Chapters of CA Final Audit – PSU, NBFC, Peer Review & Quality Review, Investigation, Due Diligence & Forensic Audit, Internal, Management & Operational Audit, Liabilities of Auditors, Automated Environment, Audit under Fiscal Laws (Tax Audit,GST Audit, Public Trust Audit), Audit of Banks & Insurance Company, Audit Planning, Strategy & Execution, Risk Assessment & Internal Control

5. MCQ Book with Answer Keys


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