CA Final – FR New Syllabus Brahmastra Book 3.1 BY CA SARTHAK JAIN

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CA Final FR New Course Book – A multicoloured Notebook Style Book penned by CA SJ

Self Study Book, Explains all Concepts…Simplifies all Concepts



CA Final FR New syllabus Brahmastra Book

CA Final FR Brahmastra, a self-study book that explains and simplifies all concepts. Relevant for 2023 attempts

Covers: FR Brahmastra book is 368 pages Multicolored book. All concepts and selected concepts for building practical questions with solutions for:

1. Introduction and RoadMap

2. IndAS-based FS

3. Schedule III, Division 2

4. Ind AS 1

5. Financial Instruments

6. Consolidation

7. Business Combination

8. Share-Based Payments

The updated version now also includes consequential amendments of Ind AS116 on topics covered in Brahmastra.

For other IndAS topics, purchase our drone charts on IndAS.

For practicals and self-practice questions, refer to SJ-Striker.


This book is already included in the CA Final FR New Course Batch Video Lectures, so students do not need to purchase it separately.

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