CA Final FR Faster by CA Sarthak Jain For NOV 22 Exams & Onwards

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CA Sarthak Jain FR New : Want to  taste success in CA exams in the very first attempt itself ?

About CA Sarthak Jain

Sarthak Jain is a renowned Chartered Accountant who was ranked 46th in all of India in his CA finals. His professional accomplishments make him an incredible mentor and a confidant tutor.  Moreover CA Sarthak Jain  believes that if you follow the right approach to study,  success is just a step ahead. It is his in-depth knowledge that makes him confident and best for teaching Financial Reporting (CA Final and Auditing (CA IPCC and Final).

CA Sarthak Jain’s teaching has helped many students  to succeed in the first time. Different parts of India have been grateful to be mentored by Sarthak Jain.

CA Sarthak Jain has mentored over 10,000+ students till date from different parts of the nation. Therefore, CA Sarthak Jain is at the top of every student’s priority list.


Above all CA Sarthak Jain is recognized as a “master of accounting standards” throughout India.

Moreover He is also the author of several books on accounting, auditing and accounting standards.


CA Sarthak Jain  accomplishments are numerous and make him who he is today. He got a 100/100 in Mathematics Class XII (CBSE).

Sarthak Jain is the president of CACTUS (CA Community for Gifted and Insurgent Students). Therefore As a speaker at various ICAI conferences, he is repeatedly invited by the institutes to inform people seeking guidance for their career interests.

In conclusion So if you are contemplating to take one of  CA Sarthak Jain FR or Audit classes go ahead and take your pick!

Moreover CA Final FR New Course Faster Recorded Video Lectures of Latest Live Batch with in class coverage of SM 2021 & all amendments in just 50 lectures

 Join CA. Sarthak Niraj Jain’s FR Faster New Course.

Lectures – 50 of approx 3 hours each

Book: Brahmastra and Ind AS Drone Charts – Multi-coloured self-study books, covering all topics and FASTER Striker QA book (2 Volumes) covering questions from ICAI Module, RTP, MTP, Past exam questions and additional concept builder and practice questions.

Validity: 1 Year or 1.5 views whichever is earlier. (Views counted as per minutes watched and not on click. Speed Viewing permitted.)

Relevant for: All CA Final New Course Students of NOV 22 onward attempts

GD/PD videos are only available for Windows laptop. (Windows version must be Win 7 Ultimate or higher).

Android option is not transferable to laptop in any circumstance.

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