CA Final – FR Full Bookset with Question Bank by CA SARTHAK JAIN

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CA Final FR bookset includes:

1. The Brahmastra Book:

A Multicolored Book with all Concepts and Selected Concept Building Practical Questions with Solutions for: Introduction and Roadmap, IndAS Based FS, Schedule III-Division 2, Ind AS 1, Financial Instruments, Consolidation, Business Combination, and Share Based Payments

2. The Ind AS Drone Charts:

The book is handcrafted, which makes “Ind AS & Other Topics” easy to understand and revise one day before exams with a pictorial presentation of all concepts. These are not summary charts, but rather comprehensive and concise drone charts that cover “Ind AS and Other Topics” with the conceptual clarity and coverage of SJ.

3. Question Bank:

The CA final fr bookset includes two volumes of question bank (approximately 900+ pages) which is relevant for 2023 attempts and subsequent attempts.

Color: Single blue ink (not black and white) with multi-color initial pages

Visit link FR books to gear up your preparation.

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