CA Inter Economics For Finance (EFF) by CA Sanjay Khemka

From: 2,600.00 From: 1,950.00


Computer/Laptop/Mobile – System Requirement

  • Core i3 or higher, RAM 2GB or more is best suitable, Windows 7 onwards / Compatible with Android, Windows

Video Runs on: Computer/Laptop/Mobile : Laptop / Android

Recording Month : Oct-21 | Live : June 22

Syllabus : New Syllabus

Format : Live (with backup recorded), Android, Downloadable, Pendrive

Study Material Provided in : Classes based Upon Inst Mat

Applicable for the Attempt : Nov 22 / May 23

Faculty Name : CA. Sanjay Khemka

Total No. of Hours : 55 Approx.

Video Language : English + Hindi

No. of Views : 1.1/ 1.5 views

Fast Forward Option Provided : Yes

Fast Forward – if “Yes” provide details (E.g. 1.0 x, 1.2 x, 1.5x etc)
1.0x, 1.1x, 1.2x, 1.3x…..3.0x

Validity (in Months OR provide date) : 3/ 6 Months

Topics Covered : Entire Syllabus Covered comprehensively in a student friendly style

Dispatch : Link will be provided in 48 hours

Additional information

How you want it?

Live (1.1 views with 3 months), Live (1.5 views with 6 months), GD (1.1 views with 3 months), GD (1.5 views with 6 months), PD (1.1 views with 3 months), PD (1.5 views with 6 months)


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