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by Akshat Mathur 29 Aug 2020



S. No Details of Fee Rs. For Foreign Student US$
1 Cost of Prospectus 200 20
2 Foundation Registration Fee 9,000 700
3 Subscription for Students’ Journal (For one Year) (Optional) 200 20
4 Subscription for Members’ Journal (For one Year) (Optional) 400 40
Total 9,800 780
Registration Options/ Various charges Both Groups Both Groups Group I / II Group I / II
Rs. US$ Rs. US$
Registration fee 15,000 11,000
Students’ Activities Fee 2,000 2,000*
Registration fee as articled Assistant 1,000
Total 18,000 1,000 13,000 600

*to be paid once

Cost of Prospectus Rs. 200/- (US$ 20) to be paid by Direct Entry students in addition to above fees.

Details Rs. For foreign students US$
Final Registration Fee* 22,000 1,100

*Without Article

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Q1. What is the CA registration fee for the direct entry route in intermediate?

Ans. You need to pay registration fees of Rs 15000 for both groups, along with Rs 200 for the registration form and each student.

Q2: Do I need to pay journal subscription fees every year?

Ans. No, subscription charges for the journal are optional. ICAI provides journals to its members and students at nominal fees. If you are not a student or member, you can ask for journals by paying Rs 50 for them.

Q3. How much do I need to pay to recheck my answer sheet?

Ans. You need to pay Rs 100 per answer sheet and Rs 500 for any changes in marking the sheet.

Q4. How much do I need to pay to validate my final registration again?

Ans. Fees to validate final registration have not been issued yet by ICAI.

Q5. Is my registration fee refundable?

Ans. No, examination fees and registration fees are not refundable. The provision for a refund is only available when there is a technological glitch.

Now you know all the details about CA course fees, like CA registration fees and CA fee structure, CA foundation course fees, CA intermediate course fees, and CA final course fees.

Hope this article was useful for you.

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