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CA Exam Nov 2020 | Facts

by Akshat Mathur 28 Aug 2020

Thinking about the possibility of CA exam Nov 2020 ?

Here’s how you can come to a conclusion.

Our very own education ministry has signed a green signal for conducting many exams in the month of September.

Uttar Pradesh government, in month of august conducted exams of B.Ed and BEO with 4 lakh plus students for each exam. No online campaign or student’s petition was helpful for further postponement of the scheduled exams.

Many acclaimed institutes like Indian Institute of technology, Delhi university, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, UGC, National Eligibility Test, All India AYUSH, and all the National Testing Agency (NTA) related examinations have released their dates and will be conducted accordingly.

Government institution, High court has also given notice its aspirants for conducting examination very soon.

After postponing exams of July - August 2020 from time to time, the institute now has to accommodate 3.46 lakh abide CA students in Nov 2020 examination.

Keeping the pandemic precautions, the institute has opened 5 CA Foundations centres for all CA students and has opened additional examination centres all over country and oversea in Kampala, Uganda.

Students campaigns and petitions have been dismissed by the supreme court and process of examinations are moving with full force towards execution and completion.

ICAI being equally significant institution, has remained with no more justifications for not conducting the exams.

Holding up due to worldwide pandemic while the time is still moving, will be no smart move to set back with.

Preparing for examinations and not waiting for any deal of whatsoever kind would be the only smart move for now.

As per our evaluation till date, we see 0% possibility of further postponement of examination. Hence, the final decision lays on ICAI and the Supreme court for the amelioration of students.

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