CA Final Audit latest Bookset by CA SARTHAK JAIN

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CA Final Audit book set includes

1. SJ’s Study Material includes readings for the Company Audit, the Code of Ethics, and SA’s

2. SJ’s Audit Question Bank includes the last 23 exam questions, MTP and RTP to May 2020, and SM 2020 Questions for the Code of Ethics, Company Audit, and Standards on Auditing

3. The Code of Ethics, Company Audit, including CARO, Corporate Governance & Audit Committee, Audit of Consolidated Financial Statements, and SA 200 to 720 are covered in SJ’s Full Course Drone Charts (Except Special Audit).

4. SJ’s Special Audit Drone Charts covers all other CA Final Audit chapters, including PSU, NBFC, Peer Review & Quality Review, Investigation, Due Diligence & Forensic Audit, Internal, Management & Operational Audit, Liabilities of Auditors, Automated Environment, Audit under Fiscal Laws (Tax Audit, GST Audit, Public Trust Audit), Audit of Financial Institutions, and Audit of Banks & Insurance Companies, Audit Planning, Strategy & Execution, Risk Assessment, and Internal Controls.

5. MCQ Book with Answer Keys

—Relevant for all attempts.—

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