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CA Final IDT Revision Video Lectures by CA Yashvant Mangal

by Akshat Mathur 22 Aug 2020

IDT being one of the most scoring subject for the CA Final’s examination. Students find it extremely lengthy to cover entire syllabus.

To get the better of this stumbling block we are here with one of the Indian’s Best IDT faculty, CA Yashvant Mangal to get our students over the top with the syllabus.

A series of Chapter wise Revision Video Lectures of the entire syllabus with the latest amendments for CA Final exams November 2020 are now available on our YouTube channel “ Commerce Consultants”.

The renowned IDT faculty has made thousands of students dreams come true in a very short span of 8 years.

Our brand Commerce Consultants has been the partner with the faculty for 6 years now in imparting fastest service to numerous students.

Our endless urge to provide students with maximum study material at the least possible cost make our services most preferable across the country.

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Revision video lectures consist of 32 video lectures VY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i

Beginning with

Chapter 2 - Levy Of GST Revision LgtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=5&t=12s

Chapter 3 - Time Of Supply gtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=1

Chapter 4 - Value Of Supply x1s&list=PLgtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=2

Chapter 5 - Input Tax Credit tfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=3

Chapter 6 - Composition Scheme GST gtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=5

Chapter 7 - Reverse Charge Mechanism GST fWBtuA&list=PLgtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB- i&index=6

Chapter 8 - IGST Act Place of Supply gtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=7

Chapter 9 - Exemptions Under Goods And Services Tax GST tG0&list=PLgtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=8

Chapter 10 - Registration ,TDS And TCS Goods And Service Tax Revision Ui185CzD_4&list=PLgtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB- i&index=9

Chapter 11 - Payment of Tax under GST tfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=10

Chapter 12 - GST Invoice, Debit & Credit Note etc XyPQi4&list=PLgtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB- i&index=11

Chapter 13 - Returns Under GST gtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=12

Chapter 14 - Refunds Under GST gtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=13

Chapter 15 - Assessment Revision PLgtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=14

Chapter 16 - Audit Revision S0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=15

Chapter 17 - Accounts and Records tfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=16

Chapter 18 - E Way Bill, Inspection, Search & Seizure fS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=17

Chapter 19 - Demands and Recovery Under GST gtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=18

Chapter 20 - Liability to pay in certain cases gtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=19

Chapter 21 - Revision Of Chapter 21 of CA Final IDT (GST + Customs) tfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=20

Chapter 22 - Appeals And Revision Under GST tfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=21

Chapter 23 - Offences And Penalties Under GST tfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=32

Chapter 24 - Miscellaneous Under GST Revision LgtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=22

Chapter 25 - Definitions And Types Of Customs Duties gtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=23

Chapter 26 - General Provisions Under Customs Act, 1962 gzTFf8A&list=PLgtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB- i&index=24

Chapter 27 - Importation & Exportation fS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=25

Chapter 28 - Valuation Of Goods Under Customs gtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=26

Chapter 29 - Duty Drawback Under Customs tfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=28

Chapter 30 - Baggage, Postal Articles and Stores gtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=27

Chapter 31 - Classification of Goods Under Customs LgtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=29

Chapter 32 - Exemptions, Refunds, Audit and Verification fS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=30

Chapter 33 - Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) LgtfS0XJmhYc_RlxVY9ELN_N9M1U3SB-i&index=31

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Happy learning!

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