CA Yashvant Mangal

CA Yashwant Mangal is recognized as a prominent figure in the field of Chartered Accountancy (CA) in India. He has made significant contributions as an educator and mentor, particularly focusing on guiding and preparing students for the challenging CA examinations. He is a renowned national-level author and faculty member of indirect tax laws (IDT) for CA, CS, and CMA final students and professionals.

Mangal is acclaimed for his exceptional teaching methods, specialising in various subjects integral to the CA curriculum. His teaching style involves simplifying complex concepts, making them more accessible and understandable for students. He often employs real-life examples, practical case studies, and clear explanations to aid students in their exam preparations.

Through his online presence and teaching platforms, Yashwant Mangal has established a strong rapport with CA aspirants, providing them with comprehensive study materials, video lectures, and guidance. His innovative teaching techniques and dedication have significantly contributed to the success of numerous CA students. His book, "Conceptual Learning on Indirect Tax Laws," has been printed in 26 editions and is available all over the country. 

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