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Benefits Of CA Online Classes in India 2020

by Shopify API 13 Aug 2020

The ICAI test, otherwise called CA tests, is directed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for wannabes of Chartered Accountancy calling in India. The test is directed at three levels according to the CA courses. Below in this article, you will get to know what are the major benefits of CA Online Classes in India.

1. Mentioned below are the subjects & Levels for the CA Course Examinations.
a) Subjects for 2020 Foundation CA Online Classes in India
b) Subjects for 2020 Intermediate CA Online Classes in India
c) Subjects for 2020 Final CA Online Classes in India
2. Major Benefits of CA Online Classes in India 2020
a) Saves the Traveling Time
b) Flexible Timings
c) Replay the Concept
d) Play According to Your Comfort
e) Forget Missing the Classes
f) No More Trouble for Clashing of Classes
g) Set Aside Cash
h) Free Demo
i) Solution of Queries at Home

Mentioned below are the subjects and levels for the CA course examinations.

1. Subjects for 2020 Foundation CA Online Classes in India

  • 1st Paper: Principles and Practices of Accounting
  • 2nd Paper: Mercantile Law and General English
  • 3rd Paper: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning
  • 4th Paper: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

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2. Subjects for 2020 Intermediate CA Online Classes

  • 1st Paper: Accounting
  • 2nd Paper: Corporate Laws and Other Laws
  • 3rd Paper: Cost and Management Accounting
  • 4th Paper: Taxation
  • 5th Paper: Advanced Accounting
  • 6th Paper: Auditing and Assurance
  • 7th Paper: Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management
  • 8th Paper: Financial Management & Economics for Finance

3. Subjects for 2020 Final CA Online Class

  • 1st Paper: Financial Reporting
  • 2nd Paper: Strategic Financial Management
  • 3rd Paper: Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics
  • 4th Paper: Corporate and Allied Laws
  • 5th Paper: Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation
  • 6A Paper: Risk Management
  • 6B Paper: International Taxation
  • 6C Paper: Economic Laws
  • 6D Paper: Financial Services and Capital Markets
  • 6E Paper: Global Financial Reporting Standards
  • 6F Paper: Multidisciplinary Case Study
  • 7th Paper: Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation
  • 8th Paper: Advanced Indirect Tax Laws\

Indeed, students who will be looking for classes for CA examinations, the best option for them is to look out for online CA classes. CA online classes have way more benefits than offline ones.

Major Benefits of CA Online Classes in India 2020


1. Saves the Traveling Time

One of the most useful purposes of online classes of CA is that it spares the voyaging time. The greater part of the understudies living in different urban areas or distant from the instructing foundation can get advantage from these online classes. They will neither need to travel long kilometers nor need to avoid their home. Moreover, the course structure for CA examinations is already lengthy, students must look out for every way to save their time to study more while keeping their health and mental condition in a good state.

2. Flexible Timings

Definitely, online classes of CA offer space to everybody. Understudies can appreciate CA online Classes at home and take the classes at whatever point it is best reasonable for them. A considerable lot of the understudies carrying out a responsibility alongside the examinations want to take the classes around evening time. For such sort of understudies, Online classes are the best as opposed to living study halls. Also, many of the Indian CA aspiring students would want to opt for other exams meanwhile such as CS, in that case, flexible timings will indeed be proven super advantageous for them.

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3. Replay the Concept

Many of the time we miss ideas or couldn't get a handle on it in a solitary shot. You can request that the educator rehash the idea in the eye to eye classes however couldn't ask something like this in satellite classes. Subsequently, here additionally CA online classes are better where you can replay the class and comprehend the idea until you are not fulfilled.

4. Play According to Your Comfort

You can play the classes according to your solace. You can stop it, you can replay it, you can rewind it, you can change its speed. Do anything you desire, no compelling reason to follow the control of satellite classes. You will be able to cope with any emergency which might come in a way.

5. Forget Missing the Classes

Missing even a solitary class can make it hard to comprehend the entire part. CA online classes settles this issue by giving talks on your interest and as indicated by your accommodation. You will have access to the concepts whenever you will need them the most.

6. No More Trouble for Clashing of Classes

One of the most widely recognized issues CA understudies face is conflicting classes. They ended up in a predicament of what to pick and what to lose. Thus, why not plan your examinations with the two offices with the best resources together. Online CA classes are the best medium where you won't have anything to lose.

7. Set Aside Cash

Online classes for CA in India in 2020 are more affordable than offline classes since they spare the expense of framework, power, upkeep, resources, and so forth. So we are giving you less charge.

8. Free Demo

In offline classes, conspicuous foundations are not giving demo classes however in online classes they are giving demo addresses so understudy can check the best quality and expertise of educators. It is highly required so that you don’t have to switch the particular coaching in between your preparation disturbing your whole planner for the examinations.

9. Solutions of Queries at Home

The understudy of CA in India in 2020 may associate resources at home through Whatsapp, SMS, Email, Voice call, and video call without going to organize.

Do not miss out on the best options for your preparations for the CA examinations.

Wish you luck for your career towards Chartered Accountant!

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