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by Akshat Mathur 10 May 2020

Which is the best test series for the CA IPCC/INTERMEDIATE and the CA final?

Shubham Kothari, studied at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Shubham Kothari, studied at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

NONE. PAST ICAI PAPERS are the best.

I would strongly recommend not to opt for any test series - online / offline / ICAI mock or any other. If you want to practice papers, please opt for past ICAI papers.

The reason being as under -

The difficulty of actual CA Final paper is much higher than that of private test series / ICAI mock papers. If I have to give a comparison, then private test series / ICAI mock papers would be similar to facing Munaf Patel and actual CA Final would be facing Brett Lee. Moreover, these papers pick questions directly from practice manual and hence makes CA Final look a lot more easier than actually what it is.

Hence, download the past papers, write at home and correct it yourself with the help of suggested answers. Give the lowest marks possible i.e. even if the answer is matching word by word, give only 4/5. This way, you will know what is the lowest you can expect given the “FANTASTIC QUALITY” of our dear examiners. Solve ICAI papers of past 2–3 attempts. There is no need to solve past 10 years’ papers.

Cheers !

Resham Chandarana, former CA at Dubai Port World

Before coming to your answer, I’d like to point out that you may write a couple of tests to test your writing speed. Other than that, these tests do not serve much purpose.

A better approach will be to keep written practice for all the questions in PM and scanner and other offbeat questions without the pressure of finishing off papers. This’ll make you conceptually clear. Write a test or two later on to test yourself.

Coming to your question:

I don’t think you should go for Online Test Series for CA Final. Moreover, I am not even aware of any dedicated online test modules for CA Final.

You can however, go for mock tests conducted by ICAI branch of your city.

Alternatively, if you can find some coaching centres that’ll allow you to give tests then it’d be better.

If none of these options work out, write self-tests by using previous examination papers or mock papers and compare your answers with the suggested answers. Or ask a senior to evaluate your answer.

CA Ankita Uppal, AIR 34, Chartered Accountant, DISA, FRM, New Delhi

Answered Dec 11 · Upvoted by Varun Thakkar, CA from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Kunal Manchanda, C.A.- Finalist from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (2019)

I had applied for CA test series in CA Final exams. Although I was not well prepared for my exams due to Article-ship. But anyhow I write the exams and take the help of ca test series and few more papers of other test series and YouTube videos. One thing I am sure that I studied well in last 1.5 month. On the point of test series, is good among all I attempted and its available at nominal cost also.

My Co-articles always ask me that how I pass ca final exams in such a less time so here are some tips that can help you also

1. Healthy and descriptive study plan until final exams. What to do, when to do, how to do. set up totally. Unless you do not set up, you do not apprehend the direction during which you're moving. You should plan that which subjects are going to complete first and how to ensure your practice in these. Best way to evaluate your practice is writing tests. Decide how to cover ICAI manual and which reference book to choose. There are three pillars planning, execution and feedback. Once you entered in to execution stage, just strict to your planning and note-down each loopholes you experienced. Fix in planning stage that how many times you are going to revise the syllabus. No need to revise easy topics again and again.

2. All the reference books are good and written on the basis of ICAI material. Donot create confusion every then and now and regret about the books or classes you choose to study. Focus on studying any one material extensively with upmost attention. If you think, you have over*-studying or your brain is not accepting new concepts. Take a rest or refresh your mind with other fun activities.

3. In practical subjects, donot attempt repetitive questions again and again, cross those questions so that it cannot be included in your second revision. If you find some new question or logic, properly note –down on separate notebook.

4. In theory subjects, learn it point wise. It’s always better. Try to recap all the points. Try to come points out of your logics. So that you can retain them for long.

5. Attend practice papers before attending ICAI exams. Online test papers are best because it saves your time also. I got various inputs to improve my performance. We may not able to identify our own mistakes so take the help of experts.

6. Donot leave any part of ICAI study mat + last 2 years RTP + Suggested Answers. It will give you a fair idea for exams.

7. Amendments are another important part of exams which covers nearly 10-12 marks in exams. You can use youtube videos or summary notes for amendments.

8. Donot distracts your attention during preparation. Whatever comes into your mind, postpone to do it after exams. Attention is important and become fearless. Your Life doesn’t end here.

Setup small targets and achieve one by one

Best of Luck

Aparna Gaur, CA Auditing & Direct Tax, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Answered Dec 9 · Upvoted by Akansha Mehta, studied at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (2013) and Rahul Singh Randhawa, C.A. from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (2020)

I strongly believe in testing my knowledge to further improve performance in CA Final exams. CA test series is helpful in directing my efforts in ca final exam preparation. I also regularly attended articleship before my exams and got 2 month leave before the exams. My principal and seniors suggest to opt and its available in around Rs. 500 which not a big investment.

In last 2 month, I studied 8-10 hours daily and write a test on alternate days. Before the next test, I consider the suggestions of ca test series team and call 1-2 times to CA Vipul Sir (ca test series member), he guided me very well for theory specially. I actually get the worth of money spend on test series. Although it was difficult to manage studies but somehow I prepare and write the CA Final exams.

In theory mainly, we lose marks because of language. It can be improved only if we practice in a written manner. Usually while studying alone, its not possible to write the answers or we ignores it. Test series gives the reason to practice in a written manner which is really helpful in exams.

In CA IPCC, i scored very less in audit and ITSM and the same may be the situation in CA Final Audit and law. So i ensure that same should not be repeated again in final. I practice 6 test papers each for audit and law. Some important questions provided by ca test series was also the part of my preparation. In books i choose CA Pankaj Sir scanner and CA Munish Sir book.

As per my experience now the ICAI is asking new questions in the exams so you should prepare conceptually to tackle with all type of exams. For MCQ’s you should practice 20–25 MCQ’s each day that helps to improve concept clarity.

My advice for other students seriously study for 2 months before the exams if your classes were completed and test your knowledge continuously & improve. You should be aware about your week areas. Donot afraid of testing your preparation before the exams, this is the learning stage. Make as much mistakes as you can so that it cannot be repeated in the exams.

PS – I am writing on the basis of my personal experience. This is what I actually feel.

CA Chinmay Marathe, Master of Commerce Chartered Accountants & CS Executive, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Answered May 23, 2018 · Upvoted by Santhosh, CA Final pursuing from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

I will recommend you to randomly pick questions of PM and SM and RTPs, Solve it daily/ answer daily. You will feel difference more than test series. Test series has become another way to loot money from students. With 400/500 Rs per paper i don't think it's value for money. P. S. I have given one or two papers but I think they just base it on the material of past papers and RTP’s and SM.

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