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by Akshat Mathur 27 Nov 2021

Institute Of Chartered Accountant Of India (ICAI) has seen a continous reduction in the course of CA, where on the other side the members and CA Associates are increasing day by day. In the 2009-10 , including all the courses the total number of students registered in institute were around 2,77,000 , which has now reduced to 1,82,000 in the current year 2020-21.

In the past 12 years the number of student reduced in the Chartered Accountant course in around 95000. In 2019-20 the total number of student registered were 2,18,000 , which in the present year is just 1,82,000.

In a country like India , Chartered Accountant is the third toughest exam to crack for students. There are very less number of students who have completed there CA course in time. It takes a lot of dedication and hard-work to achieve that limestone.

Many students while competing for CA dropout and opt for a course like CS. In fact ICAI changes its course from time to time. In 2017-18 CA entrance exam given as Common Proficiency Test(CPT) , from the current year CA Foundation was added. Now its just CA Foundation. IPC and IPCC were also removed and it was named at CA INTERMEDIATE. After all there changes CA Institutes never compromised in the case of exams. This is one of the major reasons of number of students reducing in CA course.

Expertise say that every course has there slowdown. They say like one time the number of students in MBA were low , but now it has taken its pace. Number of students are increasing from the past record and not just MB, JEE , JEE MAINS and many other every course has there slowdown.


2016-17= 2,18,319

2017-18= 2,10,289

2018-19= 1,26,668

2019-20= 2,18,667

2020-21= 1,82,897

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