Benefits Of Face To Face Batch

Joining a face-to-face batch offers several benefits:

  1. Direct Interaction: In face-to-face classes, students can talk directly with teachers and classmates. This helps them understand topics better because they can ask and talk about them together.
  2. One to One Attention: In a regular classroom, teachers can give special attention to students. They can answer their questions and solve their problems one by one. This provides better guaidance to students.
  3. Proper Study Schedule: In face-to-face classes, The timings of their classes and what they will learn are fixed. This helps them manage their time well and ensure they learn everything they need.
  4. Exam Preparation Support: In regular classes, there are special sessions for exam preparation. In these sessions, they teach you helpful ways to study, give you tips, and show you techniques to do well on the exam.
  5. Group Learning: In regular classes, students can work together to complete assignments, projects, and case studies. This teamwork helps them understand and remember what they learn in class better.
  6. Instant Feedback: During face-to-face batch, students receive immediate feedback on their performance, which helps them to know where they need to improve.

Overall, joining a face-to-face batch can enhance the learning experience, provide valuable support,and prepare students better for success in their exams and future careers as Chartered Accountants.

Face to Face Batch in Jodhpur Available for Following Courses

CA Foundation CA Inter CS Executive