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CA Final - SPM (Self Paced Module) All Details

by CA Point 06 Dec 2023
CA Final SPM
  • Computer-Based Exam Across 250 Cities: ICAI is introducing computer-based exams for SPM (Self Paced Module) at their designated centers spanning 250 cities for CA Final May 24 and subsequent students. 


  • MCQs with No Negative Marking: SPM (Self Paced Module) exams will exclusively feature MCQs, eliminating the need for students to provide reasoning for their answers. Notably, there is no negative marking in this examination. 


  • Flexible Timing for May 24 Students: For CA Final May 24 students, the flexibility to attend SPM (Self Paced Module) exams either before or after their main exams is provided. However, starting from Nov 24, it becomes compulsory for CA Final students to appear in SPM exams before their main exams. 


  • Providing Sample Papers for Exam Understanding: To aid students in comprehending the exam pattern, ICAI will furnish sample papers specifically designed for CA Final students undertaking SPM (Self Paced Module) exams. 


  • Practice Questions Availability on ICAI/SPM App: For effective preparation, practice questions for CA Final students will be accessible on the ICAI platform and other SPM (Self Paced Module) apps, offering a structured means for continuous self-assessment. 


  • Application Process and Instant Results: CA Final students are required to apply for SPM (Self Paced Module) exams. Within five days of applying, they will receive their Admit Cards, after which they need to visit the designated center for the exams. The added convenience is that students will receive instant results for their SPM exams. 


  • Varied Duration and Question Patterns: The SPM (Self Paced Module) exams are diversified into two sets. Sets A and B entail a 3-hour examination with 100% Case Scenario Based MCQs, each carrying a weightage of 2 marks. In contrast, Sets C and D comprise a 2-hour exam with a mix of individual and case scenario-based MCQs, each marked at 2. 


Sample papers will be uploaded in CA Point website along with other relevant material. Compiled by CA Sarthak Jain.

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