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EIS & SM - CA Inter Best Faculty!

by Akshat Mathur 02 Nov 2020
A perfect blend of charm and intelligence, Prof. Deepak Oswal, is student’s favorite CA Inter faculty for EIS&SM. The professor started his teaching career after sublime from Pune University. Experience of working with technologies and the natural scent of teaching makes him the most incredible teacher. In 7 years of teaching experience, Deepak sir has taught in many big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Jodhpur, Udaipur and so on. The tutor also provides his virtual classes for CA Inter students, seeking directions in EIS & SM subject all over the country. His abilities are best judged as most of his students score a minimum of 70 marks in his subject. The subject EIS is a very technical subject, which require a technical tutor to help absorb it. Wherein, SM is a theoretical subject which just require reading and revision to score good. And as everyone knowns, to score good, one needs to be grip its best at techniques rather than theory. Currently, the professor is working with full power to provide his students with all the knowledge he stores in himself. He also has some of his lectures live on YouTube, to know about subject, and the teacher.
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