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CA Foundation exams postponed again!

by Akshat Mathur 09 Oct 2020

CA Foundation exams that were to happen on 9th, 11th, 15th and 17th November 2020 has now shifted to new dates of 19th, 21st, 23rd and 25th November 2020.

New paper wise schedule will be informed shortly.

Keeping in mind the scenario of election in the state of Bihar and parliamentary respective papers/list of centres state wise will be informed separately.

The “Opt Out” option to the students who are suffering from COVID 19 or having symptoms of diseases shall be provided on self-declaration basis and this option shall continue in operation during the conduct of entire November 2020 Examinations. The said scheme shall also be applicable to Centres/place of residence of student which turn out to be the containment zone during the exam dates. They will be allowed to carry forward their candidature with due carryover of all benefits already available to students including fee paid and exemptions for next examination, i.e., May 2021 examination cycle.

Get free study material with practice questions and previous years question paper with their suggested answers.

Syllabus - CA Foundation

Paper-1: Principles and Practice of Accounting

Paper-2: Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting

Paper-3: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics

Paper-4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

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