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Reasons to join LIVE classes

by Akshat Mathur 13 Dec 2020

Thinking about whether or not to join LIVE classes?

Come with us on trip to benefits of LIVE classes and clear all your doubts.


At Home Learning with India’s Best Faculty

You no more need to be a citizen of a big city to attend the class of India’s best Faculty.

Now you join class from anywhere across the globe with 100% live class.


Establishing a routine and rhythm to your study schedule

Daily interaction with the faculty at a fixed time slot, preparing for lectures adds more value to things learnt and studied on the spot.


Quality and Effective Learning

Live session will adds in touch feeling with the faculty and a traditional classroom feel, which we have been studying since ever. This personal feeling add efficiency in learning


100% Live, No Blending of old recording

Many teachers mix old recording with the live session for saving of time and energy, but here there is no mixing the live sessions.

It will be truly Live, one -to-one teaching.


Saving time & energy of travelling

Time and energy saving is directly proportional to the amount of effective study, and so this is the best option for them. Even if they miss anything, they always have the option of lecture backup to cope-up with the live sessions.


Personal Query Sessions

Personal contact number of the faculty will be shared with students to solve their queries.


LIVE @ Home Batch


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