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SJ LIVE Batch v/s other LIVE batches

by Akshat Mathur 14 Dec 2020

Unique Features of LIVE Batch -

  • 100% live session, no blending of old lectures.
  • Along with the doubt solving ,you can get in touch with the teacher personally too. One-to-one teaching rather just delivering lecture.
  • Everything will be taught according to present time and amendments done till the lectures and more can be taught till the session is on.
  • If you are not comfortable with LIVE Batch, you can convert it to google drive or pen-drive mode.
  • Fixed schedule to cop-up with student’s time table.
  • Backup of every lecture, if in case missed or want to revise.
  • Soft copy of the board notes.

Comparison with other LIVE Batch

SJ LIVE Batch Other LIVE Batch
100% live session, no blending of old lectures. Mixture of old and new recordings.
Personal query session, not necessary to ask questions between ongoing lecture. No personal query session is provided separately.
One-to-one teaching. Just delivering lecture.
New teaching everyday with all latest amendments. Mixed lectures, all amendments covered together without any flow.
Option of converting batch to google drive or pen-drive mode. No option of conversion.
Fixed schedule to maintain rhythm of studies without disturbing your time table. No fixed time table of live session.
Backup of all live lectures. No backup of live session.
Soft copy of everything written on the board. Only regular notes are provided.

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