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Path to Success: Your Guide to became CA After Class 12th Results

by CA Point 13 May 2024

CBSE Finally announce class 12th results LINK HERE

The big announcement of CBSE 12th Class results for the year 2024 is an important date. First of all, congrats to every student who has complete his/her milestone with success. It's time tome forward and explore variety of options that present themselves it is an crucial point to choose best academic career.

Let me clarify that to choose best career choice for you if you're considering that, what to do after your 12th class: chartered accounting (CA). opens doors to a world of wide prospects in finance, taxation, and more. It is frequently seen as one of the most reliable and successful profession.

How does one begin the process of becoming CA? The first step towards achieving your dream of becoming a CA is passing the CA Foundation examination. At CAPOINT, we've got your back and help to get what you want!

CAPOINT is your only solution for all study needs and material, providing a wide range of books and lectures designed especially for preparing for the CA Foundation test. Our carefully chosen faculty and materials are meant to give you the information and abilities required to achieve or pass  the test and establish a solid basis for your future .

Once again, congratulations on your CBSE 12th grade results! I hope your journey to become a chartered accountant is memorable!


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