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CA Final & Inter New Course RTP now available for May24 exams

by CA Point 01 Feb 2024

Students, get ready for the May 2024 examinations! Get ready for an exciting announcement from you may now access the Revision Test Papers (RTP) for the CA Final and Inter New Course. is your reliable guide on way to become a chartered accountant. ICAI carefully developed CA Final & Inter New Course RTP are made to perfectly match the most recent curriculum modifications and testing trends, that you will be prepared to take on the ever-changing demands of the CA exams. Explore our vast collection to your examinations skills as well as to thoroughly review the complete syllabus. Whether your goal is to identify your strength or for improvement.

ICAI RTP (Revision Test Papers) are not just study materials; they are tools that aim to improve your preparation. ICAI RTP , which have been created to fit with the most recent syllabus and exam of MAY 24 patterns, provide a thorough summary of the whole course, enabling you to identify important areas that require clarification. These papers are resource that will help you remain on top of an examination scenario.


RTP provide you the advantage you want. Visit right now to get your May 2024 exam preparation to put into action. Our goal is to become your one-stop shop for success. Because of our platform's ease of use, you may easily access the ICAI Latest RTPs and include them into your study. The moment has come to fully utilize these RTPs and advance your preparation for the upcoming May 2024 tests. All there ICAI RTP are available in the link below.




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