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Important News Related to CA Exams May 24

by CA Point 15 Mar 2024

CA Students who are giving exams of CA Final & Inter in May 24 exams we have some important information for you & that is related to the change of exam dates.

As we all know elections are going to happen this year & our past experience also says that because of the Lok Sabha Elections dates of May attempt get affected, The same happened in 2019 & 2014 exams got delayed by 20-25 days because of the election.

So the main question is whether this time also ICAI Exams of CA Inter & Final are going to be delayed because of the elections, if Yes then how many days? new exam dates? As a student what should we do? When new dates would be announced? And so on there are so many questions in students' mind & no proper guidance.

I (CA Saurabh Maheshwari, founder of CA Point) will try to provide answers to so many questions which is relevant for students of CA Final & Inter May 24 Exams.

So really CA Final & Inter Exams of May 2024 are going to be postponed & the answer is yes, Exams are going to be delayed by at least 20-25 Days, ICAI will make an official announcement once the election dates are announced by the government. Election dates will be announced on 15th March & tentative dates of the Election will be from 16th April to 20th May 2024 & The result of the election will be announced approximately 3-7 days after the election ends. So once the result of the election is announced only after that ICAI can conduct the exams of CA Inter & Final.

In short, those students who are giving in CA Inter & Final in May 24 exams, will get an extra 25-30 days for preparation & if that is utilized in the right direction then students will get the desired results.

All dates related to the election is going to announce on 15th March 2024 & after this ICAI will make an announcement related to the Change in Exams dates of CA Inter & CA Final May 24 Exams till then we can't say the exact new dates but that would be somewhere around last week of May or first week of June 2024, so students will get min 20-25 days extra for the preparation & that will be a game changer opportunity for so many students of CA Inter & Final.

Students who are not sure about the preparation can level up their preparation & those students who are attempting one group in May 24 can go for both the groups, subject to the condition if classes have been completed. To help & support your preparation we also have some products (Lectures & Books) with us that definitely help to achieve your goal & get success in CA Exams of May 2024.

Books for CA Inter & Final as per the new course of ICAI, completely relevant for May 24 Exams best for self-study purposes.

We have the best national authors like CA Bhanwar Borana, CA Sarthak Jain, CA Yashvant Mangal, CA Adish Jain, CA Shubham Singhal, CA Amit Sharma & many more
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CA Final IDT Faster Batch – We have IDT Faster Batch of CA Yashvant Mangal Sir & with that batch, you can cover & revise the complete IDT in just 70 hours, latest recording with all the amendments related to May 24 exams, without the books option also available in this product.

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CA Final FR & Audit Power Batch by CA Sarthak Jain – Complete new recording as per ICAI new course, FR in just 70 hours & Audit in just 45 hours
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CA Flix – All Power Batch by FAST Education Team
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You can also connect for One to One mentoring session with me

CA Saurabh Maheshwari
Founder – CA Point
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