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A Detailed Comparison of the Old vs. New The framework of CA Foundation and CA Inter Exams

by CA Point 02 May 2024

Are you looking to become a Chartered Accountant (CA)? If so, you've probably been through the experience before: the careful preparation, the intense study sessions, and the stressful tests. However, did you realize that there has been a big change in the CA exam scene recently? Let's examine how the transition from the previous to the current framework affects aspiring chartered accountants.

In the past, CA Foundation and CA Inter exams followed a different schedule, with exams typically held in June and December for CA Foundation and May and November for CA Inter. As a result, students had to carefully schedule their studies and frequently had to wait months between attempts. But a shift has occurred with the introduction of the new structure, which gives students greater freedom and chances to accelerate their path to becoming CAs.

Furthermore, a more efficient registration procedure allows students to register for tests without requiring their report cards or exam results from the 12th grade. As a result, students can now register for CA tests earlier and begin their CA journey without having to wait for their 12th grade scores.

Another significant change is the timing of exams. Exam scheduling possibilities have increased for students with the introduction of a September exam cycle. This is especially helpful for students who finish their exams in the 12th grade in March, since it gives them enough time to feel comfortable and prepared for the September CA Foundation exam.

Furthermore, the new structure focuses on the gap between CA Foundation and CA Inter exams. Before, students had to wait eight months between tests. Now that the September exam cycle has been implemented, students can’t go quickly from CA Foundation to CA Inter because of this framework.

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