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CA All India Rank Holder and mentor CA Sarthak Niraj Jain

by CA Point 03 May 2024

When it comes to chartered accounting, a mentor who stands out above the rest, renowned for his knowledge and expertise in FR and Audit for CA Finals and Advanced Accounts and Audit in CA Inter - CA All India Rank Holder and mentor CA SarthakNiraj Jain. 

CA Sarthak Jain is known for his concepts, depth, coverage, the quantum of questions, creative - crisp - comprehensive books & of course for his passion for teaching!

He is the best choice for CA Final FR and Audit as well as for Advanced Accounts and Audit in CA Inter because of his practical approach and use of real-world scenarios that promote quality learning.

Why CA Sarthak Jain is the best choice for Students?

1. 18+ years of Expertise: With over 18 years of experience and knowledge in the field, CA Sarthak Jain carries a thorough understanding of the subjects he teaches. His financial core and creative insights makes him a perfect mentor for CA Final and Inter students.

 2. Teaching Approach: The Fundamental principle of CA Sarthak Jains' teaching approach is simplifying concepts. He usually breaks down difficult concepts into simple and easy-to-understand concepts making learning interactive and fruitful. His clear explanations and practical examples provided during his classes make complex topics easy for students to understand. 

3. Quality Study Material: CA Sarthak Jain offers compact and quality material covering every topic on the syllabus in detail. From basic concepts to complex problems, he provides crisp and on-point content.

His books and batches along with features like Audio and Video Pods, FAST App, in-class polls, multiple-choice questions, revision chat, labels, and more keep students engaged in covering their syllabus with fun and excitement. 

 4. Personalized Attention: Unlike other coaching programs CA Sarthak Jain’s sessions provide each student with one-on-one attention which allows them to communicate with him, address any queries, and receive the answers to their questions. 

Also, Through weekly live sessions and personal feedback from CA Sarthak Jain, students can effectively tackle their areas of weakness and strategically cover the course material. 

5. Roadmap of success: The track record of CA Sarthak Jain is self-evident in itself. Many students have achieved outstanding results in their CA exams under his guidance. For CA Finals FR and Audit as well as Advanced Accounts and Audit in CA Inter, his innovative teaching style and commitment to student success make him the ideal option. 

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