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The Inspirational Journey of CA Aman Gupta: From Auditor to Successful Entrepreneur

by CA Point 04 May 2024


Success stories in the financial and entrepreneurial sectors regularly encourage and inspire aspiring professionals to pursue their goals. One such inspiring story is that of CA Aman Gupta, whose journey from a CA to a successful business owner is an inspiration to many. Let's explore CA Aman Gupta's interesting story and see how he went from being a careful auditor to an inspirational company leader.

From Auditor to Entrepreneur:

Born and brought up in Delhi, India, Aman Gupta started on his academic journey with a degree in commerce from the University of Delhi. Driven by aspiration along with his Certified Public Accountant qualifications, he entered the business world, starting off as an Assistant Manager at Citibank. But Aman's sense of adventure called him to go outside the box of typical roles.

CA Aman Gupta overcame difficulties in his five failed company ventures because of his drive and constant resolve. Every setback provided a valuable lesson that shaped his point of view and improved his strategy for becoming an entrepreneur. Aman wasn't bothered by difficulties and continued to pursue his goals with dedication.

Awards & Accolades: 

CA Aman Gupta's entrepreneurial skills has won him a number of awards, including the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Businessworld Young Entrepreneur Award, and a place on the ET 40 Under 40 - Top Young Leaders list. His efforts to the entrepreneurial scene have not gone unnoticed; boAt's rapid expansion and market leadership have brought him recognition from stakeholders and friends in the field.

The Birth of boAt: 

In 2016, CA Aman Gupta, with Sameer Mehta, co-founded boAt, a brand identical with affordable, durable, and stylish audio accessories. Having made a small investment of Rs. 30 lakhs, they began to transform the audio industry. Aman's love of technology, which he developed while working at JBL, was important to deciding the direction that boAt took. Today, boAt serves to the different needs of music lovers worldwide, serving as a monument to Aman's vision and commitment.

Continued Success and Impact: 

boAt's recent $60 million investment from Malabar Investments and Warburg Pincus points out CA Aman Gupta's a lifelong commitment to innovation and market leadership. The purpose of the money infusion is to support the Make In India campaign, enhance boAt's worldwide visibility, and further research and development projects. Aman Gupta is a global inspiration to budding entrepreneurs, with an outstanding net worth of Rs. 700 crores and a constant dedication to excellence.

JOURNEY : CA Aman Gupta

Company name


Time Period

Citibank Delhi

Assistant Manager


Advance Telemedia Pvt Ltd







Director Sales


Imagine Marketing



Internet & Mobile Ass.




Co-Founder & CMO



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